Mission Statement

OAHSA is collectively united, with respect to our traditional teachings, to inspire, promote and support life-long learning and empowerment of our Aboriginal Head Start in urban and northern communities.


  • Promote and encourage parent/caregiver involvement and participation at all levels of the Ontario AHS Initiative.
  • Foster ongoing development and expansion of the Ontario AHS Initiative
  • Honour our commitment and work together to ensure successful Aboriginal-driven outcomes.
  • Respect and honour the standards, principles, and guidelines established by the AHS Initiative.
  • Function within a consensus form of governance in a supportive, cooperative, and holistic manner for the benefit of children, parents, extended family, and the broader community.
  • Respect local community autonomy and cultural diversity.
  • Support fair and equitable decision-making regarding allocation of resources so that resources are used in the best way possible in order to produce measurable and positive outcomes for Aboriginal children, their parents, families, and communities.

The Role of OAHSA

To collaborate with PHAC and others working for the development of Aboriginal children; to network with funded sites and others with experience and expertise; to provide advice and input to PHAC on the overall planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) Initiative in Ontario. OAHSA will provide input to the AHS program areas including training, policy development, reviewing and updating program standards and guidelines, recommendations on current and future funding priorities, program renewal process, community needs identification, and strategic planning, and other regional-based issues. One member as selected by OAHSA will have full voting membership and provide Ontario off- reserve site input to the National AHS Council.


Boot with Rattle in Basket

The Ontario Aboriginal Head Start Association is pleased to announce the launch of the Indigenous Professional Learning Project.

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